Trans Express celebrates 25 years under the slogan “KEEP MOVING”

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Dear colleagues,

These are the slogans reflecting to the new face of our company on the logistics market, as well as launched new brand and website in process.

Created 25 years ago by a few professional forwarders inherited the long-term experience of our profession since 1950s, TransExpress is an established and modern company.As from the beginning 80% of cargo volumes are generated and paid in Europe and globally. This is to prove the assessment for TransExpress on the foreign markets in terms of quality, efficiency and neutrality. We do appreciate the long-term strategic partnership with some of the best companies in Europe, as well as through participation of  alliances of independent forwarders we do achieve our full global network.  We are members of CPN (Cargo Partners Network), WCA (World Cargo Alliance) and IBS (Interessengemeinschaft der Bahnspediteure).At  the same time we commit an effort to contribute to logistics efficiency of our Bulgarian customers and their trust on us is of real importance. We shall be much more active in future on the local market.We are socially responsible company not only by encouraging and operating ecological modes of transports as a priority, but also as being very active in the work of our associations representing the branch of freight forwarding  and logistics on national, European and global scene: NSBS, CLECAT, FIATA.   Thanks to such a leadership position we do contribute to better understanding and increasing of the role of the logistics company within the economy of Bulgaria, EC and other parts of the world.

We are launching the project for build-up of multimodal logistics platform Sofia West with an open access on the territory of the rail station Voluyak and ring road of Sofia where we are looking forward to a Platform for partnership and network with railway operators from Bulgaria and neighbouring countries and those in Central and Western Europe, Ukraine, Georgia and why not China; with logistics providers and other terminal operators; with Rail Infra and Sofia Municipality, Ministry of Transport and Communicating of Bulgaria, EC and the funding institutions, UIRR. Our partners for the project are consultants, architects, engineers, building-up companies and investors in order to allow it be functionate in next few years to come.

Finally, we are to thank those who established the company, made this project to happen in a sustainable way for 25 years now. We are to appreciate contribution of all members of staff of TransExpress and related companies for their efforts to identify our company with the label of quality and trust in logistics. Some of them are not among us anymore, few found another career development, but the main asset in terms of co-workers are with us today and we do rely on our team for the future stage of development.

We should thank to our famillies for their understanding and support in difficult moments and  sacrificed their comfort.

We do thank you ALL , as well as to the God Who allowed this to happen!


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