Intermodal Round Table and Road Map for Bulgaria

On February 25, 2014. in the building of MTITC , Hall 6 was held “Intermodal Round Table and Road Map for Bulgaria”. This is a project of the European Commission “COSMOS”, in which Trans Express, the German consultants Combi Consult, Hakone and MTITC are co-organizers. The event was under the patronage of the Minister of MTITC – Mr. Daniel Papazov .

Moderators were consultants from Germany , Mr. Uwe Zonderman of Kombi Consult Mr. Nicklas Galonske of Hakone .

The meeting was attended by experts from MTITC , the project countries and representatives of the transport business.

The European Commission representative Dr. Gerhard Troche “DG MOVE” also attended and presented the key points and factors in the development of intermodality in Europe.

Thus provide a flexible opportunity for a meeting between the participants and the representatives of the Ministry and of the highest levels in the companies related directly to the management and development of the existing infrastructure and the development of intermodal transport schemes.

The participation of Trans Express in the project is a recognition of our contribution to the implementation of co-modal and inter-modal transport and the development of intermodal terminal Sofia- West.