Our Rail-Road Terminal Sofia West, is at R/S Voluyak , Sofia and is equipped
with modern technical facilities allowing wagon-truck-wagon loading and
unloading operations.

The main advantages of this mode of transport are:
– This transport solution is environmentally friendly insofar as it seeks to combine
the most appropriate means of transport, while privileging the eco-friendly rail
– Compared with road transport solutions, rail transport could be highly competitive
for long distances
– It is considered to be safer and there is low level of delays due to road
– It allows a door-to-door service for our clients

Having master agreements with railway operators and intermodal operators
specialized on specific railway corridors also gives greater access and stability to
areas unrivalled by our competitors.

Our Products

  •  Wagon –Truck solutions for paper and general cargo
  •    Wagon-Truck solutions for industrial equipment


    Our key elements for deploying the strategy is developing a Multimodal Logistics
    Platform–(MLP) Sofia-West, rail-road terminal, planned to start operations in
    The MLP is planned to handle 740 m long trains and will be open to all operators
    of intermodal and combined transport on a non-discriminatory basis.
    The location has the potential to operate as a dry port for regular transports from
    to other sea and dry ports and become an important terminal facility along two
    EU rail freight corridors RFC7 and RFC 10.  


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