Multimodality is the key word describing the core activities of the Group and rail
is at the core. The objective is developing further multimodal transports and
related services, and logistics, deploying flexible and efficient solutions in the
region, where the rail/sea/river is the long distance and last mile by road.
Integration of smart technologies and innovative tools for managing trains and
traffic flows is important part to ensure optimal use of resources and efficiency.

Multimodal transport solutions are fast, seamless and environmentally
sustainable, thanks to our strategically placed terminals, purpose-built vessels,
high-frequency rail services, and high-capacity network.
Rail, sea, road and air – we bring them all together to provide you with the best
route and to support optimization of your logistics process.
Having master agreements with railway operators and intermodal operators
specialized on specific railway corridors also gives greater access and stability to
areas unrivalled by our competitors.

Our Products

 Rail –Sea – Rail services
 Truck on Ferry Line
 Varna – Kavkaz v.v.
 Varna – Poti, v.v
 Varna – Chernomorsk

 Truck on wagon
 Sea –Rail/Truck solution from/to China
 Danube River Rail Truck transports

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