Transport Co-modality Voluyak

 TransExpress successfully completed the Project Transport co-modality Voluyak, implemented as per Grant agreement MPO/12/011/SI2.651975.
The project refers to Modal shift from road to rail. The project started in 2013 and completed in November 2016.
Total eligible costs amount to € 3,806,072.00.
The amount of the EU contribution accounts for € 369,816.00.
The project refers to a door-to-door service shifting freight from road to rail for transport of containerboard paper in reels from several paper plants in Europe to customers in Bulgaria.
The new services supported transport by rail in Single Wagons to run from of the factories in several plants in West and Central Europe to a co-modal terminal Voluyak. The terminal was equipped with special paper facilities that enabled the paper reels to be unloaded, stored and reloaded on trucks for distribution to final customers in the area of about 200km.
The new way of operating co-modal transport made the rail transport more competitive and improved the quality of services: door-to-door service for customers; achieved are environmental and other external costs savings per tonne; avoided are sensitive and congested areas and road congestions in Europe.
The total modal shift achieved is 92 454 001 tkm.
The project is implemented by TransExpress is Lead Partner in partnership with IREDA Internationale Spedition GmbH, Austria.


The environmental and other external costs savings for the Modal shift achieved over the period of 36 months: 1 559 099 EUR, which is lower by 33% than the objective.


The environmental efficiency achieved with the Action is 0,017EUR/tkm.

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