About us

Trans Express on the way towards sustainable logistics



Our strategic goal is to be your long term Bulgarian partner for your global logistics
We are confident that we will achieve our ambitious targets by complying with the
dynamic market conditions and supporting our policy of loyalty, honesty and social
Trans Express faces the challenges as a competitive and social responsible company,
remaining loyal, transparent and correct to the customers and partners.



Trans Express vision includes development of green corridors for competitive and
sustainable logistics systems, whereas the efficient and rational use of resources of
rail/road transport mode is the basis of utilisation of Multimodal Logistics Platform Sofia


Trans Express operates competitive and sustainable logistics services in a wide range,
based on advantages of different transport modes which are designed according
customers needs, adding value to their products, whereas:

– being focused on customers;
– increasing its quality;
– managing systematically;
– encouraging flexible teams as a main organizational unit;
– making decisions based on facts and a follow up of efficiency and sustainability;
– developing win-to-win solutions with suppliers and partners.